Maui by Poster eBook Series

High above Maui poster previewThe Maui by Poster eBook series is a collection of free eBooks featuring the beauty and magic of Maui.

These free eBooks can be viewed on your computer, but are specifically designed to be viewed on tablets like the iPad, and even popular smartphones, so you can have the Aloha of Maui wherever you go.

They are made up of posters featuring my own photography work from numerous trips to Maui since 2006.

Many of these posters are also available for purchase online, and you can browse those here on the website, too.

Free eBook Editions

Below is the list of eBooks currently available for download.

Volume 01 – Around Maui:
The first edition in the series, featuring 24 posters that vary from simple to somewhat elaborate. Each tries to tell a little story to conjure up subtleties of the island that you may not usually think of when thinking of Maui.

Volume 02 – Above Maui:
The second edition in the free Maui by Poster eBook Series, showcasing stunning imagery only seen from high above Maui.

Volume 03 – Road to Hana:
The third series features 60+ images from along the road to Hana and beyond, but creatively styled unlike all the other Hana images you’ve seen online.

Future eBook Editions

Here’s the current list of themes I’m planning to work on next, and if you have an idea you’d like to see in poster form, please leave a suggestion below.

  • Volume 04 – Maui Beaches: Grab your beach towel and apply the sunscreen, this edition will feature posters for beaches from every part of the Valley Isle.

Stay Tuned

These and many other eBook editions will be coming out soon, and as my family and I venture to Maui every year, we’ll have more and more great images to share with you in poster form.

And don’t forget, if you enjoy these posters and know someone that would enjoy these eBooks, please help spread the Aloha!

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